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Brian Yelm

Scott is a brilliant thought leader and visionary that is working on trying to solve financial illiteracy. His bootcamp provides individuals with the power to control their financial future which ultimately impacts as all on many levels from financial freedom, stress, relationships and how to accumulate wealth. Scott and his team have realized that this is a fundamental problem because we are not taught how to manage money at an early age and are looking to expand their business to bring this powerful insight to everyone. I highly recommend you take the time to learn about who Scott is as a person, their business model and I am grateful to have him in my network.

Brian Yelm – Chandler AZ, CEO, Technologyville

Wow, this was FIST PUMPING financial training. Scott is amazing and the Financial Mastery 2019 event is a definite must!  It is life changing and financially empowering.

Tiffany Armstrong – Scottsdale, AZ, Chief Marketing Oficer, AZ Pop-A-Lock

OMG ... I never knew growing your wealth could be so easy.  Financial Mastery is the perfect class for anyone who want to get on track financially and who  wants to feel confident about money again! I highly recommend you attend.

Jeannie “JJ” Bourdos – Scottsdale, AZ, Realtor
laura levine

Financial Mastery has changed my life ... My big action item was paying off debts and using the money I was paying to credit card companies to grow my business.  I have saved myself over $400 per month of money going down the drain.

Laura Levine – Scottsdale, AZ, Business Owner

Financial Mastery is just TOP NOTCH.  The event is life changing and I highly recommend you attend!

Tania Nakama – Phoenix, AZ, Business Owner

Absolutely recommend you go to Financial Mastery 2019. This event helped me quickly identify where I was financially right now, where I want to go in the future, and what I need to be doing every day to get there.  On-Track and Loving It!

Tana Walker – Scottsdale, AZ, Medicare Specialists