Guess how 10 real estate agents made 4 million in 45 minutes?  I will reveal their secret in just a minute …  But first, you need to know that Justin Thorstad of Libertas Realty Group believes in financial wellness and brought the The IMPACT ZONE to his company to empower his Agents and staff.

It takes a special employer to care so much about their teams wellbeing.  More and more, employers are awakening to the idea of  financial wellness and are bringing financial literacy training programs into their company.  Justin definitely recognizes that one of his greatest assets is his team and that by financially empowering his team he is investing into his own future.

“When you empower your team … you empower your profits.” 

The IMPACT Zone is a 45 minute, fast-paced, mind awakening, thought provoking, financial thump in the head workshop that gets employees looking critically at their money, the decisions they have been making, and the financial path they are on.

“When you make better decisions … you get better results.”

If you want to improve your financial situation, you have to make better financial decisions.   The problem is that most of us were never given the class on how to grow and accumulate wealth.  We were not shown how to manage our money. Simply put, the ‘official system’ to managing personal finances and growing wealthy was MIA (Missing in Action), as we grew up.

Well now, we all have the BrightMoney Academy and the full day financial training Bootcamp that totally transforms your relationship with money. And, better prepares you for your future.

… ok, so back to how 10 Agents made 4 million in 45 Minutes …

The key is compound interest.  In today’s Impact Zone workshop we learned about the Power of Compound Interest.  A 30 year old couple that Trims Financial Fat and saves an additional $4000 per year, and then invests that money is really packing away about $64,000 of their retirement dollars per year.  Repeat that process for 10 years and you’ve saved up about $640,000 of your retirement dollars.

So, when you add up the new ‘future savings’ between these 10 agents, you get about 4 million in future wealth that they created as a group today.  Pretty impressive when ask me.  The only thing that changed was their mindset about money.

The lesson to be learned is that we can all be doing financially better.  The key is what are you doing about it?