AZTR Rewards HR Managers with Financial Wellness Training and Resources

Scott McLaine and the BrightWealth Academy are seen here financially empowering Arizona Human Resource Managers with financial wellness training.  The topic of today’s presentation was The Complete Guide to Financial Wellness Training. 

BrightWealth Academy published its 2019 Employer’s Financial Wellness Guide. HR managers looking to implement a financial wellness program for their team should download this guide and watch this presentation

“The HR Managers Complete Guide to Implementing a Financial Wellness Program.”

 Scott McLaine is Host of The ImpactZone™ – a show documenting and accelerating the financial recovery and success of everyday American families. He is an excellent communicator who immediately builds the trust of the individuals and audiences he works with. He has trained thousands of business professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs around the country

Attn: HR Managers

Attention HR Managers who are considering implementing a financial wellness benefit programinto their company, make sure to sign up for ATRA’s February event where you will learn almost everything you need to know about how to get started. In this workshop, Financial Wellness Trainer, Scott McLaine, will share from his experiences. 

As an employer your benefits will include cost savings through reduced turnover and wage garnishments, less days missed at work, and an overall increase in happiness. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn: HR managers will gain a greater understanding of what to expect and learn why financial wellness is so important for their employees. Review how to maximize their investment and gain an ROI for the company