MoneyWeek at Grand Canyon University ... Making a Positive & Lasting Financial IMPACT.

It’s MoneyWeek at Grand Canyon University and Scott McLaine of BrightWealth Academy is on-site financially empowering the students. 

In this video you will go inside the classroom with Scott McLaine and experience The IMPACT Zone for yourself.

Each year the Grand Canyon University (GCU) College of Business hosts ‘MoneyWeek” for the benefit of their students. The objective is to awaken financial awareness and provide basic financial skill sets that can be applied in the students life.

BrightWealth Academy, through the BrightWealth Foundation, volunteered to guest lecture over 15 GCU Classes in the College of Business and bring IMPACT, our ‘Nearly World Famous‘ 45-minute, fast-paced, mind-awakening, thought-provoking, financial thump-in-the-head student workshop experience. 


IMPACT 2020 gets the students thinking about their money, the decisions they have been making, and the financial path they have put themselves on.  The workshop leaves the students wondering if they want a brighter financial future. And if so, then what should they being doing differently in the future, from what they have done in the past?  

The workshop quickly runs the students through:

The 5 Brightest Keys To Growing Wealthy  

  1. Pay Yourself First 
  2. Compound Your Money 
  3. Protect Your Wealth 
  4. Maximize Safe Leverage 
  5. Expand Knowledge and Sharpen Skills 

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