Corona Virus Financial CRASH COURSE

"How to Survive The Shutdown"
A 30-Minute Daily Live Web-Class For Working Professionals, Employees, 1099 Contractors and Their Families.

DAY 1 – MARCH 23, 2020.  –  Live with Scott McLaine

The Corona Virus Global Financial Shutdown is upon us.  During this unprecedented event, most American’s and perhaps you, are going to have to very wise financial decisions. 

This live broadcast and video series will help you keep informed, make wise decisions, and guide you in the direction of assistance programs. 

  • Immediately Create a 3 Month Emergency Budget / Spending Plan
  • Learn Which Expenses You Should Cut First
  • Learn How to Stretch The Money You Have
  • Learn what Government Assistance is Available to You
  • Get Connected and Stay in the Loop as the Viral Storm Surge

The Storm Has Arrived ... Grocery Lines, Food, Supplies,


See you on tomorrow’s broadcast.