Corona Virus Financial CRASH COURSE

"How to Survive The Shutdown"
A 30-Minute Daily Live Web-Class For Working Professionals, Employees, 1099 Contractors and Their Families.

DAY 4 – MARCH 25, 2020  

We’re Creating a New 90-Day Crash Course Workbook. 

We’re creating a new, more comprehensive workbook specifically for the Corona Virus 90 Day Shutdown. In addition to expanding the cashflow and budgeting training, the new workbook will include a list of local and national resources, and links to key websites. 

The new workbook will be made available on Monday, March 28 2020.  We’ll also be filming a new ‘recorded’ video class for participants to watch on demand. 

  • Immediately Create a 3 Month Emergency Budget / Spending Plan
  • Learn Which Expenses You Should Cut First
  • Learn How to Stretch The Money You Have
  • Learn what Government Assistance is Available to You
  • Get Connected and Stay in the Loop as the Viral Storm Surge

299 Total COVID-19 Cases Today in Maricopa County. 
That is up +48 from yesterday.  4 Deaths to date. 

Download this CASH FLOW form to help you better manage your money during this Financial Shutdown.  Watch the Day 2 Broadcast for tips on cutting expenses, delaying payment on some bills, and for information on forthcoming government stimulus checks.