Financial Mastery 2020



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What happens in Financial Mastery 2020?

Session by Session Overview
w/ Chief Academy Instructor & Founder Scott McLaine



Organizing and Modernizing Your Personal Finances

First Things First ... You will modernize your approach to managing your personal finances 

In this 6-Course Series, you will ... 

  • Setup your Personal Financial Software.
  • Organize all your online accounts and passwords in one place.  
  • Link all your accounts to your Personal Financial Software. 
  • Categorize all your transactions and run expense reports. 
    (Know exactly where you money is going every month.) 
  • Create a 2020 Spending Plan / Budget.
    (Know exactly where you money is going to go.) 

GRADUATE SERIES 1 feeling confident, relaxed, and focused on your current financial situation.  


Growing Your Wealth

Growing Wealthy Even in a Recession or Bad Economy

In Series 2 ... You are taking the class on money, how it works, and how to grow wealthy. You are tightening up your personal finances and Home Accounting System. You are forming the weekly and monthly habits used by the Wealthy. 
  • Build and Replenish Your Emergency Security Money.
  • Setup and Organize All Monthly Recurring Bills and Payments in Personal Finance Software. 
  • Review Monthly Spending by Category.
  • Trim Financial Fat and Cut Unnecessary Expenses.
  • Setup all loans in the 'Debt Crusher' and Create Optimized Payment Plan.
  • Learn the best practices, Mindset, habits, and knowledge of America's wealthy.
  • Emphasis on compressing expenses and squeezing Investable Surplus into your financial future.

GRADUATE Series 2 with financial certainty and your 2020 Spending Plan. You will know you're  on track, fueling your lifestyle, and growing wealthy. 


Maximizing Retirement Income

Create Your Plan to Achieve Financial Independence In Any Economy and All Conditions

In Series 3 you are going to roll up your sleeves and create a path from where you are now to where you want to be when you retire. The goal is to safely maximize your retirement income, while designing the lifestyle to get you there.
  • Learn the 5 Brightest Rules To Wealth
  • Learn how to Maximize the Power of Compound Interest and Rule of 72
  • Learn about the different investment vehicles available to you
  • Project your future retirement income using our online tools.
  • Explore creative income producing strategies.
  • Run What-If scenarios and improve your future situation.

GRADUATE Session 3 with a plan for your financial future that is built upon a solid foundation established in Sessions 1 and 2. 

SERIES 4 - Building Your Expert Team

In SERIES 4 you will surround yourself with an expert team of professionals who can help you keep more of your money, make brighter decisions.
  • Organize your expert team into your BrightWealth Personal Finance Center.
  • Meet experts at the event and get questions answered on the spot.

Committed to Financial Empowerment

Making an IMPACT in the financial future of their employees or members. 

Certified Financial Educator®

Our Curriculum is reviewed and approved by our on staff Certified Financial Educators®

The CFE Certified Financial Educator® or CFEd®, is a FINRA recognized designation that is registered and offered through the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a 501(c) (3) national nonprofit. This prestigious and one of a kind designation is awarded to individual professional practitioners who have knowledge in the field of financial services as well as Experience in the area of teaching or instructing adult learners.

We believe in A to Z Total Wellness for Arizona's working professionals.   Financial Training is our contribution to participating companies, now totaling over 400,000. 

BrightWealth Academy is a member of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce A to Z Wellness initiative

Working Together Towards Common Goals.

What our clients say about us:

Brian Yelm

Scott is a brilliant thought leader and visionary that is working on trying to solve financial illiteracy. His bootcamp provides individuals with the power to control their financial future which ultimately impacts as all on many levels from financial freedom, stress, relationships and how to accumulate wealth. Scott and his team have realized that this is a fundamental problem because we are not taught how to manage money at an early age and are looking to expand their business to bring this powerful insight to everyone. I highly recommend you take the time to learn about who Scott is as a person, their business model and I am grateful to have him in my network.

Brian Yelm – Chandler AZ, CEO, Technologyville

Wow, this was FIST PUMPING financial training. Scott is amazing and the Financial Mastery 2019 event is a definite must!  It is life changing and financially empowering.

Tiffany Armstrong – Scottsdale, AZ, Chief Marketing Oficer, AZ Pop-A-Lock

OMG ... I never knew growing your wealth could be so easy.  Financial Mastery is the perfect class for anyone who want to get on track financially and who  wants to feel confident about money again! I highly recommend you attend.

Jeannie “JJ” Bourdos – Scottsdale, AZ, Realtor
laura levine

Financial Mastery has changed my life ... My big action item was paying off debts and using the money I was paying to credit card companies to grow my business.  I have saved myself over $400 per month of money going down the drain.

Laura Levine – Scottsdale, AZ, Business Owner