4th Trimester Conference - Mesa Idea Museum

BrightWealth Academy & BrightMoney Foundation Team up to Financially Empower Moms with New Babies. 

Scott McLaine
Founder and CEO BrightWealth Academy 

It was a wonderful Saturday Morning at the Idea Museum in Mesa, AZ . The 4th Trimester Conference invited Scott McLaine and the BrightWealth Academy to sit on a financial wellness panel for new moms and dads.  Scott McLaine and the BrightWealth team had the opportunity to speak with dozens of moms about their financial struggles and their financial hopes.  

Today we were empowering the community one 'mom' at a time.

Kris Christus, the acting Director of the BrightMoney Foundation seen here working with Moms to solve their challenges. 

As a benefit, the BrightMoney Foundation was able to host a private weekend financial mastery bootcamp for a hearing impaired couple in attendance. 

BrightWealth Academy gave a free ticket to on of their Financial Mastery 2018 days. 

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