Financial Mastery 2018

Financial Master 2018

Financial Mastery 2018 - January

Scott McLaine
BrightWealth Academy Founder & CEO

Financial Mastery 2018 January Kickoff was a weekend to remember. WOW, what an empowering day 1!  We dialed in our personal finances and then got on track for the entire year.  We had over 50 in attendance for this first event of the year.  

At every event, we are changing lives by financially empowering the participants.  If you haven't experienced Financial Mastery yet, you're missing out! Find out when the next event is taking place and get your ticket now!

Scott McLaine guiding the Financial Mastery Students through simple, fun and enlightening exercises.  

Students re-organizing their personal finances with the BrightWealth Academy Performance Accounting System.  

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