Saskia Salon Financially Empowers Their Team in Style

Bringing Financial Wellness to this Styling Team of Professionals. 

Scott McLaine
Founder & CEO of the BrightWealth Academy. 

"Life is a Runway. Create your Style."

Saskia Salon is in the IMPACT ZONE! Not only does Saskia Almansan, owner of Saskia Salon, care about her girls, she also cares about empowering our community. 

Meet Saskia Almasan and the Salon crew in this episode of the IMPACT ZONE w/ Scott McLaine.

Saskia felt it was necessary to empower her team.  She believes that financial education is a valuable gift she can bring to her employees.  "It's not just about giving them a job, it's also about mentoring them." she said to me while onsite.  She paid for her girls to go through Financial Mastery, and is a true champion of personal and professional growth. 

Get your hair cut here: 

Saski Salon


4647 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 8, 

Phoenix, AZ 85048    

Appointments ( 480) 940-1452

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