The Ever Changing Maze of Medicare

The ever changing maze of medicare

The Ever Changing Maze of Medicare
w/ Peter Madine

Peter Madine from from Windsor Assurance is a BrightWealth Academy Trusted Resource.  In this video he shares his top secrets for navigating the every changing maze of medicare.  Peter has been in the healthcare industry since 2014 and has quickly become one of the Arizona's leading expert and trusted resource. 

Top 3 Questions Peter is Asked about Medicare?

Do I have to take Medicare?

  • It depends ... 
  • If you are turning 65, and you are still working, and you have group coverage through your employer or your spouses employer, and your coverage is credible ... then no, you don't need to take that coverage. 
  • However, if you are turning 65 and you are paying for your own insurance, or you are getting it through The Affordable Care Act on the exchanges, then those plans go away when you turn 65. At this point the best advice is to take Medicare ... 

When is the annual enrollment period?

  • It runs from October 15 - December 7th. 
  • Plan changes are effective January 1st. 

What is your experience with Medicare?

  • Inundated with information.
  • Mail box was stuffed with information  
  • Phone rang off the hook with people from all over the country
  • Everyone was trying to sell me some insurance product. 
  • MY ADVICE: When you are turning 65, and you are going on Medicate, look very closely at your options and seek professional advice. 

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    Peter Madine
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