Financially Empowering America.   

BrightWealth Academy delivers world-class wealth building education and best-practices personal finance training to the everyday American working professional and their families.   

"We help you grow wealthy ... faster." 

We're Making an IMPACT ... 

BrightWealth Academy is accelerating and documenting the financial empowerment of America one IMPACT workshop at a time.  With online video training, live workshops, and corporate training events, we're empowering individuals, employees, associations, churches, groups and more.  Make an IMPACT by following THE IMPACT ZONE. 

Our Mission ...

Our mission is to financially empower 1 Million American households with the mindset, lessons, tools, skills and community necessary to grow wealthy while confidently building their desired financial future.

The Problem

Nearly 50% of American households are in liquid asset poverty & suffer financially.

Our Solution

We deliver world class personal finance training, a wealth building system, and related resources.

The Reward

The Reward is Financial Certainty.   The knowing that you are making the right choices and heading in the right direction."

Our Founders

Scott McLaine

Founder and CEO. 
Scott is the primary Academy Trainer and Corporate facilitator.

Angie Merget

Director of Business Development and Corporate Financial Wellness Ambassador

Xander Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer. Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising to reach future students. 

Getting Started 

Get started by registering for the IMPACT 3-Part Video Training Series.  These are the three most important classes you likely missed during your upbringing.