The IMPACT Workshop 

IMPACT is a 45 Minute, fast-paced, mind awakening, thought provoking, financial thump in the head, interactive  employee financial workshop that gets your team thinking about money, the decisions they been making, and the financial path they are on.   

Ready ...

Empower your team with enthusiasm and financial knowledge.

Set ...

Evaluate our training style and curriculum before a full roll out.


Schedule and plan your workshop in less than 15 minutes!

Make a Positive Financial IMPACT.


If you're thinking about implementing a financial wellness program in your business, the IMPACT workshop is a great way to give BrightWealth Academy a test drive. 
IMPACT™ is a 45-Minute ‘employee / team benefit’ financial training workshop that gets your team thinking about their personal finances, the decisions they have been making, and the path they are on. The workshop is packed with valuable tips and action items that your team can apply immediately.
  • SAVING more Money
  • LIVING on Budget
  • BOOSTING Credit Score
  • REDUCING Debts
  • INVESTING in Retirement
  • FUNDING Children and College

BUSINESS BENEFITS of Employee Financial Wellness
Employee financial wellness workshops and training programs that are properly structured can save an organizations hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars.

  • BOOST Employee Morale
  • IMPROVE Employee Retention
  • INCREASE Employee Engagement
  • SAVE on Health Care Costs
  • GROWTH in 401(k), FSA, & HSA


  • Reduce Garnishment Costs
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Reduce Wasted Time on Job
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation

Make a positive and lasting financial IMPACT.  

The IMPACT workshop is a great way to introduce financial wellness as a benefit to your team, and to make an immediate and lasting impact in their financial futures. 

"When You Empower Your Team ... You Empower Your Profits."