Scott McLaine and the BrightMoney Foundation sponsored a private Financial Mastery Weekend for a hearing impaired couple.

BrightWealth Academy, BrightMoney Foundation, and Scott McLaine held a private family Financial Mastery 2018 weekend for a hearing impaired couple we met at the 4th Trimester Conference. 

“We never let money get in the way of helping family with money.”  BrightMoney Foundation was created with the purpose of helping to bring financial literacy to those less fortunate or those currently on some sort of government monetary assistance.  In this case, the Foundation was used to host a private bootcamp for a couple that would have struggled to keep up during a traditional Financial Mastery weekend. 

We are working hard to bring a positive change to the community one workshop at a time.

Scott McLaine, CEO and Founder of the BrightMoney Academy seen here helping to explain how the most common types of retirement accounts used by working professionals.